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When you need a real estate survey, expect Denzine Surveying Inc to deliver on time and on budget.

Denzine Surveying means reliable topographic, real estate, ALTA-ACSM, and boundary surveys.
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Topographic Surveys

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Boundary Surveying

Topographic Surveys | Denzine Surveying Inc

Denzine Surveying Inc uses conventional and global positioning systems equipment to produce detailed topographic surveys of the natural...

Real Estate Surveying | Denzine Surveying Inc

Real estate surveying determines lot boundaries and the location of existing buildings and improvements in relation to the lot lines, as required for...

Boundary Surveying | Denzine Surveying Inc

Boundary surveying establishes or re-establishes borders and physical location of a property and easements identified by the plat or deed of record...

For a topographic survey of your lot’s features, look to Denzine Surveying Inc to get it done right.

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Serving the Stanley, Wisconsin, region since 1994, Denzine Surveying Inc maps your way, delivering accurate topographic, real estate, and boundary surveys.

When you need the exacting standards of American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ALTA-ACSM) surveys that combine features of all three types, we meet your requirements.

Our expert, licensed surveyors measure, map, and mark your parcel accurately and we understand the jurisdictional nuances of the Stanley, Wisconsin area fully. Whether you need to know where the right of way lies, determine the accuracy of a current deed or plat, or require a full-contour survey defining every feature to begin a large construction project, we deliver.

Our extensive experience in all facets of land surveying ensures dependable results. We’re registered with the state of Wisconsin to provide the services you need for residential and commercial surveys. Your satisfaction is our calling card.

If you’re not sure how to proceed, we’ll help you ask the right questions and get them answered. If you’re a construction, engineering, or real estate professional, we’ll provide the professional support you need to meet legal requirements. Contact Denzine Surveying Inc today for a quote. Let’s get your survey started.